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Coolest Haunted House Table Costume

My son is in a wheelchair and very hard to come up with ideas to incorporated the chair, so I decided to make him into a haunter house table costume.

I took a side of a cardboard box, put a hole towards the back to fit over his head then I braced it with wood shims to give it strength. I then took PVC pipe and connectors to build a frame for it to rest on in the front and had the back resting on his chair. Put a black plastic table cloth over it then glued it down with a glue gun.

I then found the grey table cloth at a Halloween store and placed it on top, along with plates of worms and bugs, silverware, goblets and napkins all found at a Halloween store. I then took assorted rubber bugs and bats and glued them all over the table. Around his neck is a feather boa with a large spider crawling up it.

We used a gel in his hair to make it stand up and sprayed it with a grey hairspray and put makeup on his face to make him look spooky. I did have spiders crawling up his face but they fell off when he started talking and before I got a picture. After he was all made up and ready to go I spun webs all over him and the table to give it that old abandoned spooky look.

He was the hit of the party and took first place in Best Overall Costume.

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  1. What a fun idea! In a movie I saw once a character who was in a wheelchair dressed up as a roller skate! He wore a shirt with laces and it looked great!


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