Coolest Haunted FEMA House Costume

After being through 5 Hurricanes in 4 years, I thought I would try to find some humor in the situation. My kids missed about two Halloweens, due to the Hurricanes always occurring in September, and we were finally able to have a proper Halloween last year.

FEMA Houses are a common sight around here, so I thought why not make it into a Haunted FEMA House Costume? I thought that people would not find it funny at first, but I was wrong and people smiled when they saw it. It was easy to make, and I found a few supplies on the ground after the storms.

Large box
white paint
black paint
exacto knife
roofing shingles (found)
blue tarp (found)
black pants
black shirt
blue felt
small box

First, I painted the large and small box white, then I painted black lines to look like boards. I cut out arm holes and a hole for my daughter’s head. Next, I cut out a porch and glued pieces of shingles on the roof part of the porch.

Next, I made a slanted roof out of cardboard and glued it to the smaller box for the roof. I added more shingles and a blue tarp to cover the roof. I painted FEMA on the tarp and cut out FEMA in blue felt for the pants.