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Coolest Harry Potter Family Halloween Costume

Each year our family chooses a theme for Halloween.  This was the year of Hogwarts!  We made a bunch of school robes.  We used black and burgundy sheets to make them while inserting fleece into the middle of the robes to help them stay warm!  We used a pattern for Snapes costume, which was made out of black fleece for warmth.  We just modified it a little bit to fit him like Snape’s did!

We took an old graduation gown and cut it up to make it look like his cape.  McGonigal’s cape was made out of a $5 throw blanket from Walmart.  Her skirt was a ball gown found at a second hand store, turned into a full length skirt.  We crocheted all the scarves, ordered school patches off from Amazon.  For Luna, we got all her stuff at the second hand store and ended up dying her white jacket purple.  The wigs and accessories came from a local party store.  Dumbledor was just grey fleece, cut just like the robes, only longer.  We just took purple fabric paint to deck it all out!

This was one of the funnest Halloweens our family has had!  The reaction from the crowd when we all got out of the car was the best!

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