Coolest Hannibal Lector Costume

My co-bartender and myself wanted to do something different this year. He has this fascination with Dr. Hannibal Lector from Silence of the Lambs, so he went with it.

He went to the local Party Wizard store and bought the mask for $8, then to Walmart, where he purchased a $6 pair of white sweatpants. Last, to Family Dollar, where he spent $3 on a white t-shirt.

The white lab coat was given to him, and he wore a pair of white slip-on shoes that he already had. He borrowed a refrigerator truck from a friend. He put on the sweats, t-shirt, and tennis shoes, the lab coat was worn backwards, and the sleeves pinned to the sides of lab coat.

We strapped him to the refrigerator cart and wheeled him out. This costume was simple, inexpensive, and the crowd was amazed that we actually tied him up and wheeled him to the dance floor where he mumbled something about eating their liver.

Total Spent: $17

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