Coolest Handmade Spongebob Costume

I created this “original” handmade Spongebob costume, at the request of my 8 year old, who wanted to “look just like the real Spongebob”. The costumes available just didn’t cut it. He did not want his face to show, so that his friends wouldn’t know it was him! This is where it all began…

I spent days, literally, creating the costume which included two large boxes, covered with felt backed yellow plastic, sewn together as a slipcover for the box. I then created the eyes (with mesh coverings to allow him to see), puffy cheeks and trademark nose with felt and fabric, before completing his smile with felt teeth and foam tongue. I added additional felt circles to give the appearance of a sponge. I then created Spongebob’s shirt and red tie… along with brown shorts, all in felt.

My son wore yellow tights and a yellow long sleeved shirt and yellow gloves… all dyed to match the sponge portion. I ordered tube socks and black shoes to complete the costume. Though it was labor intensive, I think the final product looks as close to the real Spongebob as possible. My son couldn’t be happier!