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Coolest Handmade Cupcake and Jimmies Costume

I made this Handmade Cupcake and Jimmies Costume based on the Pottery Barn Kids costume which was selling for $60! I didn’t want to spend such an amount on a costume that probably wouldn’t even fit.

So, I decided to hand make my own variation of the costume. For the accessories and finishing touches, a sewing-machine and hot glue were also used.

First, I bought yardage of felt online in light pink and brown. I made a rough estimate as to how wide I wanted the diameter of the ‘icing’ to drape outward and to the skirt length/volume of the ‘ripples’ for the cup. The rest, thereafter, was just a question of taking things in to fit perfectly.

Felt is a very forgiving fabric and was so much fun to work with! I topped off the ‘icing’ with an array of complimentary colored jimmies to complete the ensemble. Lastly, I created a fabulous headband with a giant, bead-adorned strawberry, whipped cream frills and a white ribbon burst for a touch of girly-charm.

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  1. I am celebrating my 30th birthday this year on Halloween weekend and absolutely LOVED ur cupcake design idea. I could definitely try to make it myself, but would need step by step. I would totally pay u! Craziest thing is that I live in Richmond too. Please let me know if this is possible.


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