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Coolest Handmade Addams Family Group Costumes

Our office decided upon the Addams family as the party’s theme was ‘movie characters’.

“Cousin It” was made using 3 hula skirts wrapped at the neck of the person playing that part. We handmade a felt hat to fit over her head and cut a hole for her eyes then glued a piece of netting inside to hide the hole. We also found a pair of over-sized glasses at a dollar store and put them in front where It’s eyes should be.

Uncle Fester wore a skull cap. His jacket came from a thrift store and we glued fake fur to the collar.

Baby Pubert had a mustache drawn with an eyebrow pencil and his hair was slicked down with baby oil and parted in the middle.

Our fearless leader was “Thing” and he simply held a mechanical hand just like the real thing.

The rest of the costumes were super easy. Wednesday’s hair was made from a cheap witches wig and was simply braided.

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