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Coolest Hamburglar and Officer Big Mac Costumes

Our company decided to have a Halloween party in lieu of a holiday party so we knew we wanted to be something obscure as there was to be a contest! So we decided on Hamburglar and Officer Big Mac Costumes.

For the Hamburglar (ette), I used the striped top and bottom from a prison costume; the cape was from an old Dracula costume we had. The red scarf was cut from a piece of material and I used fabric glue to make mini hamburgers from various felt pieces. The hat we had from an old Zorro costume and I used yellow felt to make the McDonald’s “M” on each side. Red gloves finished the look.

Officer Big Mac was a British “bobby” police costume and I used more felt to make the “M” belt buckle. The hat was more challenging. I found a hamburger hat and actually used 2 of them and stuffed them with crumpled paper to get the height. I sewed them on top of each other and added the felt eyes. For the very top I covered a piece of a toilet paper roll with dark blue felt, added a yellow “M” and then sewed that to the top of the hat.

Of course, the McDonald’s bag added the finishing touch. BTW, there were more than 400 costumed people at the party and we won!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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