Up until this year, I had been making my son a Transformer costume in much the same way, but this year, it was going to be the Minions, and not just for my son, but for my daughter as well.  I created the Minion costumes from corrugated cardboard.  I measured my children (Ashley, 8; and Anthony, 10), and began laying out the dimensions needed.

After fitting, I used hot glue to fasten everything together. I used a variety of spray paints to add the characteristic minion colors. I also used a handy little math file from MS Excel I created to give me dimensions of frustums–conical sections for the curved part of the Minions’ heads. I got the idea from seeing the movie, Despicable Me 2.  Many people cannot help but smile when they think of the Minion with the red, spinning lights on its head and the megaphone, saying, “Bee-do, Bee-do…”  Additionally, I thought the crazy axe-wielding fireman Minion was also cool.  Some long sleeve yellow shirts, blue jeans, black boots, and black fingered gloves completed the outfits.

People thought the costumes were great and were completely amazed!  Many asked my kids to stop so they could get a picture with them.  My 2 months of hard work for about an hour of admiration by many was well worth it.  The looks on peoples’ faces and all of the inquiries of, “DID YOU MAKE THOSE??!!” put a smile on my face!