Coolest DIY Grinch Costume

You cannot buy a children’s Grinch costume, so I had to make my own Homemade Grinch Costume. I bought 3 yards of green fleece fabric, a red sweatshirt, a Santa hat, 3 yards of white fur trim, white buttons, elastic and white ribbon. I also bought a scrap of brown fabric to make the antler for the dog’s costume. I am not an expert sewer, so I made some pants using a pair that fit her as a guide. I put some elastic in the top. I made the Grinch body like a pillow case dress with double thickness, then put elastic at the bottom.

I used fiber fill to add some fullness at the bottom. I cut the bottom, neck and end of the sleeves off of a red sweatshirt. I hand sewed the white fur trim on it and added the buttons. I made Grinch looking hands out of the fleece, stuffed them and sewed them to the sleeves of the sweatshirt. I put a piece of elastic on them so they would slip over her hands. She wore a Santa hat and I used green face paint and a black face pen to add the details. I made an antler out of the brown fabric and stuffed it with fiber fill. I sewed it to an old dog collar so our dog could be Max the Grinch’s dog.

Homemade Grinch Costume

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  1. This is awesome! thank you so much, i am making this for my son! impossible to find a cute kids grinch costume! GREAT JOB!!

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