Coolest Grinch Costume

When my school announced that we could wear Christmas themed fancy dress on the last day before we broke up for Christmas me and my best friend knew it had to be something special as our school was never this much fun! We needed something that was original but could be done cheaply and that we could do together. Then I thought up this (much to my friends discomfort!). We could be the Grinch going down the chimney.

We could find a long cardboard box that would go over my best friend Craig (with a face hole so he could see and breathe of course) and I would be dressed as the Grinch sitting on his shoulders so that to look at it would seem I was popping out of or going down a chimney! To do this I painted myself green and used black eyeliner to draw the details on my face (we were poor ok haha!). Then I used cotton wool balls to make the beard which I put on my face using false eyelash glue.

I also covered the buttons of a red jumper I already had with cotton wool balls using Pritt stick so the jumper wasn’t ruined. I borrowed a Santa hat from someone I knew and the sack I carried was an old pillow case. After lots of searching for the right sized box we found the box at the back of a shop and the owners said we could take it which we then painted brown and black to look like bricks. We cut a face hole out for Craig and i jumped on his shoulders.

Warning: be careful when going through doors as we were over 7ft tall and I almost got knocked off a few times!

Homemade Grinch Costume

Homemade Grinch Costume