Coolest Grapes Costume

This grape costume is the best costume I’ve ever made. All I had to do was buy about 2-3 bags of purple balloons, purple tights, a purple shirt and purple shorts. I also wore purple slippers and a green hat-to act as the stem.

I just blew up all of the balloons and carefully safety pinned them all over me, with some help. Everybody loved my costume, none of the balloons got popped until very late that night and I was able to sit because I was careful of where I placed the balloons. I also curled some ribbon to make veins.

I did it all in one day, and was running late so it took about an hour (including blowing up the balloons). It could be done faster with more people to help. I haven’t thought of a better costume yet. It was a lot of fun.

1 thought on “Coolest Grapes Costume”

  1. I love the costume, first of all. I’d like to do it but want to know if you have any other pictures (like of the back of you)… You say you could sit down but wanted to see what it looked like to not have balloons covering your butt/back area. Also – can you explain more of what you did with the ribbon and veins?



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