Coolest Glinda the Good Witch of Oz Costume

I based my costume off of Glinda’s Bubble dress in the Broadway musical Wicked. The skirt has 14 layers and about 25,000 sequins which were all sewn on one by one by hand.

The skirt has a four layer petticoat with a scalloped lace bottom. The base skirt is made of crepe backed satin with baby blue crepon sheer layers overlaying the base. There are four tiers of the crepon that have a scalloped bottom. Each one is outlined in thousands of sequins that are scattered throughout the skirt and become more and more clustered as it reaches the bottom of the tier.

The bodice is fully boned and has a white corset underneath it. The bodice has a base of crepe backed satin with a white crepon sheer overlay. The bodice has a sequin pattern making a V-shape down the center.

The lower part of the bodice has white piping and the top has a lace modesty ruffle. The bodice has a sweetheart style neckline and puffy off the shoulder sleeves.

The dress took me about five months to make since all of the sequins had to be done by hand. There are a mix of sizes of sequins – most are 4mm but they go up to 12mm. The sequins colors are, royal blue, turquoise, white, iris,pink, silver and purple.

The dress is my pride and joy! It fits and moves beautifully and weighs in at 15 pounds!

17 thoughts on “Coolest Glinda the Good Witch of Oz Costume”

  1. I was there to experience her making this and she worked very hard. She deserves all the credit and it even looks better in person. SO PRETTY !!!! :)

  2. The dress, like you, is beautiful. It’s here in your room on the form. It looks really nice. It looks better on you.

  3. My friend would love this dress! I was Elphie this year and she was my Glinda. We are both huge Wicked fans. This dress is gorgeous and I’m sure you’re proud of it! Great job!

  4. thank you all very much! I’ve just started making the next costume in this series which is turning out very well so far- hopefully when that one is done I can post that one as well!

  5. Beautiful dress, but why did you sew them all by hand? I have had much success with gluing jewels and sequins. I don’t have the luxury of 5 months when I make costumes for shows–or helpers with nimble fingers. Speed and efficiency are the guidelines.

  6. I wasn’t making this for a deadline so I was able to take my time- I’ve also found that gluing doesn’t last nearly as long and I didn’t want to worry about having to upkeep the dress too much since I don’t wear it often. Right now I have it out on display.

  7. I also didn’t have any helpers with this dress- although I usually go pretty quickly. But since this is a hobby I like to take my time to make sure that my replicas are 100% accurate or as close to accurate as possible.

  8. There are people online who make and sell costumes like this one. They tend to get very pricey though since it is a time consuming gown and the fabric is expensive. But there are people who make and sell them

  9. That is GOOD! Maybe you should consider workin’ in the costume shop on Broadway! Seriously! Nice job! I take my… tiara off to you (I’m being Glinda in a thing with my friend)

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