Coolest Gizmo Homemade Costume

For this Gizmo costume, I used 1 yard of the white artificial furry fabric and one yard of the brown artificial furry fabric, one half yard of beige spandex/Lycra stretch fabric and polyfoam for the ears. I also used a really soft material to line the inside of the mask to make it more comfortable for my son.

It took me about three days to complete, I was having a lot of trouble with the mask and ears. I used a pair of his pajamas as the body pattern, but I left the back open instead. Then I sewed white artificial furry material in the front belly part and stuffed it with a little stuffing. I also put some elastic on the ends of the sleeve.

For the mask, I used a wrestlers mask as a pattern. I had to cut the sides of the mask to sew in the ears. Then I sewed the white around the right eye and beard over the brown mask. Then I attached the mask to the body part and added string made out of the brown material, to the back of the mask and velcro to the back part of the body to keep it close.

This Gizmo costume was really fun and simple to make and my son kept it on all day, he really liked his ears.

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  1. Hi there. Hopefully I’ve been able to reach you. I was wondering if you could make one of these for my son? He’ll be close to a year old by Halloween and I was hoping I could find a gizmo costume. I can pay any price you ask. My email is Please and thank you. My girlfriend is going crazy looking for a Gizmo costume..


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