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Coolest Ghostbusters Halloween Costume

My boyfriend and I wanted to wear matching Halloween costumes this year. I wanted something that wasn’t a common couples costume. We decided the go with his and hers Ghostbusters Halloween costume. I made both of them since we live in different states, but were going to be together for Halloween weekend. They were actually pretty easy to put together.

For his I found tan military coveralls on eBay for $12.00. I already had iron-on material and just printed out the Ghostbusters logo and his name in red on a black background on it. (We had black elbow pads too, but they were quite uncomfortable.)

For my costume I already had the button up dress and I didn’t want the iron-ons to be permanent. Instead, I ironed on my name and logo on an old black shirt, cut them out, and sewed them on the right shoulder and left breast. The black corset, belt, backpacks, and boots were items we already had.

Unfortunately, we do not have any good pictures of the proton packs. It was essentially black backpacks with the official warning labels glued on that I printed out from Ghostbusters fan sites. I also bought red circular reflectors and put 4 on each of our proton packs like how they are in the movie. The hose connecting the proton guns to the packs were those toys that when you whirl them in the air they make noise. We got them for $1.00 each at “Five and Below”. The toy guns we got from Target for $2.50 each. I spray painted both of them black and found their official labels on the fan sites as well. I also used silver nail polish to add detail to the guns. We put shoe boxes in the backpacks to keep their shape. To attach the hose to the backpacks we used string and tied tightly between the zippers.

I made ecto-goggles (not pictured) out of my old lab goggles from class. I spray painted them silver, added the official labels, and took the idea from another homemade Ghostbusters on this site to spray paint M&Ms minis tubes black and glued them on. I also spray painted water bottle caps black and hot glued them to the sides of the goggles.

Total costs:

Military coveralls: $12.00
Toy guns: $2.50 each
Hose: $1.00 each
Reflectors: $4.00 for 8 pack
M&Ms minis: $0.75

Total: $23.75 for both costumes

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