Cool Homemade Gene Simmons of KISS Costume

Here is a pic of my Gene Simmons of KISS Costume, from about the ’83-ish, Eric Carr – Creatures of the Night era, roughly. My arms and shoulders here are actual pounded and shaped 14-ga steel, not plastic or something else. I also made a Peter Criss from about the Destroyer era.

Ironically, I was never much of a KISS fan. Mostly I more appreciated the power of the IMAGE of KISS, or Gene specifically, and the freedom that can come from wearing something like that… like your average hulking, spikey clown perhaps, but in this case recognizable anywhere on the planet. I built these costumes through around ’89-91, slowly making improvements. For awhile, in the last part of my days in a Rocky Horror “cast”, I wore Gene in the aisles doing security (confiscating cigs & bottles mostly), minus the Dragon plats, naturally.