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Coolest Gene Simmons Halloween Costume

I got this idea for a Gene Simmons Halloween costume a few months back and started gathering bits and pieces. Here’s a basic run-down of my costume:

Bought the wig, just added a band for the “pook”.
Bought the make-up for 50 cents from the dollar store that was selling out.
Bought 3 pairs of leather pants ($2.50 each) one pair I wore, the other two mom made into a shirt. She added a mesh in the front from a belt I already had.
The shoulder piece is a dirt-bike chest protector belonged to my brother. We removed two pieces from it and added an elastic strip to the back to keep it on. We added spikes and he spray-painted the whole thing silver.
The spikes, boots pieces and belt are all made from one of those sun-screen things people put in their cars.
The actual boots were from mom
Arm and neck pieces were bought as belts and cut down.

It was a lot of fun making this costume and a lot of people really liked it. The funniest thing that happened was when I was trying to fix the gaps in the silver pieces on my boots. I could only see the gaps when I walked, they looked fine off so I put them on and hot-glued the silver in place. I guess some glue strings got caught in the zipper because I discovered that I was stuck! It took awhile before I could get out of them.

Overall, I think it’s a great costume and very inexpensive. If you are planning to make one like it, I’d suggest asking family and friends for things as well as hitting the dollar stores and pre-teen/teen shops for cheap stuff. Also, if you’re wearing it out (I wore mine to work) make sure you do a run through to work out any kinks and judge how long it will take to do your make-up. I used white grease paint, lightly went over it with baby powder and then outlined in black using a q-tip. I filled it in using a small craft paint-brush. I also needed some black lipstick and nail-polish.

Note: Print a picture of Gene Simmons (there are tons online) and enlarge it to have something to go by when you do your make-up. DON’T do what I did because my printer wasn’t working and trace a picture from your computer screen with a black sharpie! It WILL go through and it takes a lot of Mean Green to get that stuff off, my screen’s probably scarred for life.

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