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Coolest Garden Halloween Costume

I started this garden Halloween costume with an idea, of anything that you can find that would be on grass, hence the fence, dogs running around, dog fencing, dog poo(with a fly attached to it, ha!) airplane, car, flower, golf ball, and golf flag, added a fence, and woolah!

I used a small tote lid as the holder of a turf welcome mat, and hot glued it to the tote lid. I cut a hole in the lid and the welcome mat for my head to go through. I spray painted the tote lid brown and hot glued the fence along the front and back. I also have my face painted green to match my bush, and used spirit gum and added a fly to my face.

I added a green wig, (that would be considered a bush)- added a yellow birdie, a fly, and some butterflies). Then, my sister made a brown dress for me, and the rest was left to my imagination. All the things that I could find under the grass, ants, lottery ticket, a bootie chest (treasure chest) with jewelry on my back side, glass, old pennies, worms, bugs, the sky is the limit. I was going to do some type of plumbing and also had a gopher, but he didn’t make it on the costume this year.

Me and my sisters try to come up with the most unique costumes every year! So much fun. We are adults.. but have the Halloween fun of kids!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

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