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Coolest Garden Gnome Halloween Costume

This garden gnome Halloween costume was such a fun costume to make and to wear. First, I took two pool noodles and taped them in a straight line. Then glued the red fabric to them, stuffed it full of newspaper and used hot glue to hold it together.

The mushroom stem is just made like a slip and again I used hot glue on the seam. Now for string, I used bailers twine but half way through the night it snapped and I had to use wire (ouch).

The Gnome legs are a pair of my daughters old pants stuffed with batting and the little boots I borrowed from her teddy bear. I wore a blue shirt and a belt, bought the beard. The hat is made from wire hangers and a pillowcase. A little batting on the hat for eyebrows and the lips are actually a whistle or zinger.

Total time spent 4-6 hours over 3 weeks (little here little there) and total cost to make $6.50. (Beard was $5) I wore the costume two nights entered four contest and over all I won almost $200 in cash and prizes!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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  1. I love your costume and I’m thinking of becoming this for Halloween but can you explain how the mushroom was filled with the pool noodles.


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