Coolest Garbage Pail Kids Costumes

As a throwback to our 1980s childhood, we dressed up as some of our favorite Garbage Pail Kids — Adam Bomb, Mixed-Up Mitch and Leakey Lindsey. The clothing was all sewn by hand using materials found at thrift stores & fabric.

The props were made from scratch from items picked up at Home Depot. The “bomb” was made from metal chicken wire covered in newspaper and wallpaper paste hand painted. The hair was glued by individual strand made from upholstery piping and dyed.

Most importantly, the heads were constructed starting with a plastic witch’s cauldrin (available at party stores around Halloween time) and the faces were crafted by hand out of clay and then painted and glossed. They weighed 15 pounds each and were very difficult to walk around in!

The eyeholes were designed to be see through to allow visibility. For those of you who are wondering, these Garbage Pail Kids Costumes took about 6 weeks of labor to complete!

10 thoughts on “Coolest Garbage Pail Kids Costumes”

  1. Those costumes are so AWESOME!!!!! You guys are incredible artists. You could make, like millions of dollars if you made these and sold them.

  2. Really creepy, too. By far the most clever costume I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for this Halloween.

  3. This is so cool. It reminded me that I still have my garbage pail cards. I love this costume guys! Great job.

  4. these are so amazing… i came across pictures of the Garbage Pail Kids movie and the costumes in the movie are scary looking… these top that

  5. I am so impressed with these costumes!! I wish I had the time and energy to do this. Excellent work!!!! I love it!!

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