Coolest Gameboards Halloween Costume

This Gameboards Halloween costume kind of twisted itself together over time. I came up with the idea at a garage sale this summer where someone was selling two Twister games.

I started to collect white clothing (that none dare wear after Labor day) from my closet and from friends closets. I had intended to color dots with felts on the clothing but it was taking a long time, didn’t show very well, and smelled funny.

Luckily, late August while shopping at a school supply store I found felt paper with sticky back.
A simple circle cut and it was peel and stick.
The plastic game sheet was supported on two pipe insulation tubes I got at a hardware store. They are lightweight, sturdy yet flexible- it sometimes gets hard walking through doors being 4 feet wide. I picked up some sticky small dots at an office supply store and was done.

So all tallied I think this costume came in under 20$ total. But it was definitely worth every penny in fun. The costume is easily recognized and everyone loved it, especially kids and drinkers. Be prepared for people wanting to reach out and touch you. But I really liked the smiles it generated and the fun it was to wear. I also liked that I was able to easily make my friend the same outfit so he could carry the dial.

Another bonus is the weather proofing. Halloween weather is never certain so the costume appealed to me – rain or snow , the show could go on.
It is bright so no fear of cars not seeing me.
And it stored easily too. The stickers can be peeled off and the plastic rolls up nicely.
So I am able to put it away… perhaps for 364 days.

Until then I will carry the memories for this years Halloween.