Coolest Functional R2D2 Costume

This one’s different because the arms are actually functional! $30 total including paint.

Container Store Trash can that I turned upside down. Cut the head-hole out of the bottom so the feet have more walking radius from the wider part of the can. I caulked shut the trash flap and Dremeled the visor hole. The rest was discovery.

Shoulder pads are Baby Back Rib trays cut in half and spray painted. The arm holes use craft foam core from Michaels .99-cents each. The arms are Juice Box boxes with blue duct tape stripes. The helmet is acrylic paint from Michaels (3 for $1.00). The body art is spray painted using a handmade stencil on wrapping paper and cut with an exacto knife.

The foot treads are packing foam pieces painted white and the hydraulic cables are webbed netting for IT cable management. I used glow sticks in them for night effect. The helmet lens is a mouthwash cup with the bottom cut out and covered with foil mounted on an LED light.

The best part of the Functional R2D2 Costume is that the lower part of the arms come off so that he can hold his candy bucket. Its very lightweight and surprisingly easy to walk in. My 7-year old could even climb stairs. 3-days work total 8-10 hours work.