Coolest Flinstone Family Costumes

For Fred, I bought some orange fabric and sewed it together and then cut jagged edges. I think I used black felt material to make triangles and glued them to the outfit. The blue tie was an old tie he had and I just cut it to make it jagged. We sprayed his hair and goatee black and he went barefoot.

For Wilma, I bought a used shower curtain from the thrift store and sewed it together than cut it to make it jagged. I bought a cheap wig and sprayed it orange. I found a necklace for a dollar at the dollar store. I wore white flip flops with it. I also did bright pink blush and bright red lipstick.

For Pebbles, she had black leggings with a green t-shirt. I cute out black felt triangles and glued them to the shirt. Her hair was in pigtails with plastic bones in each pigtail.