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Coolest Flapper Girl Costume

I love wearing costumes, any occasion to dress up is a favorite. I love even more, making my own hand made costumes. This year, after having a homemade tutu birthday party I needed something even bigger for Halloween. I started drawing my flapper girl costume in August so I knew it would be ready.

I started with buying one of those fat sucker leotards from Walmart. It’s super easy to get out(it has a little crotch fastener for easy potty breaks). They have them in white but I highly suggest getting it in black because it is much easier to hide the string (trust me there will be A LOT of thread/string). I bought 3 packs of small black glass beads. I sewed the beads on the breast/bra part of the fat sucker so it was like a boostie(?) its very sexy looking.

Then I bought some black fringe and sewed it in rows around the fat sucker. Its easier to put the fat sucker on and start from the bottom. Start at the right or left side and sew just the end off the fringe at the stem of the fat sucker. From right to left and visa vursa. Remember to leave some room because you want it to hang and move when your dancing. Do this around the whole fat sucker bottom to top.

Then I bought this bead fringe and sewed it underneath the bra part of the fat sucker until it covers the top of the black fringe and it gave a little more sparkle. Pair it with some fish nets, a bowa, some pearls and a nice cig.
(wear skin colored stockings under the fishnets so your legs look a little firmer).

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