Coolest Female Zombie Costume

For this female Zombie costume I bought a floor length cream pleated skirt from the thrift store along with a brown spaghetti strap tank top and a thicker strap cream tank top. I cut the bottom of the skirt so that it fell jaggedly just below my knees and took old dull scissors to it and tried to cut big chunks of fabric at a time. This created jagged holes in the skirt I then took fake blood and squirted it on to the skirt to stain it and look like blood splatter.

I then took the scissors to the brown tank top. I cut up the sides to make it look like a smock (for this to work the tank top must be fitted not loose) and cut holes randomly around the top. I put more “blood” splatter on the cream tank top and wore it underneath. I wore black military boots.

I painted my face white and had thick black eyeliner. I wore blood red lipstick and drew lines coming out from the corners of my mount. I backcombed my hair with a boar bristle backcomb and used tons of hairspray, I then took silver, white and black hairspray and sprayed stripes into random parts of my hair (not pictured).