They started a Halloween costume contest where I work a couple of years ago. The first year I dressed as Dolly Pardon, the next year a Banana Girl. I’m very competitive and both years I was beat out. I decided after my second lost I would come up with something unique for the next contest.

This Father Time Costume started with a hat and cane that my son owned. I thought I could do something with them. One evening I was scrap booking and it hit me that I could be Father Time. I remembered someone I use to work with was in a play and he made himself a beard from a square piece of fur he got at WalMart. I went to Goodwill and purchased a men’s pen stripe suit for almost nothing. Then I headed to Walmart for a piece of fur to make my beard, and to Dollar Tree for a pair of cheap glasses and white face paint.

I took the hands off an old clock I had at home and pull out some numbers from my scrap booking supplies and found a pair of my grandmothers white gloves.

I was ready to put it all together. First I cut the piece of fur to fit around my ears and underneath my nose. Then I started trimming it until it looked like a good beard and mustache. I took the glass out of the glasses and hot glued the clock hands to the piece that goes across the nose. The next morning I painted my face white and put on the fur beard. I use some eyelash glue so the mustache would stay where I wanted it and glued some pieces I had trimmed off to my eye brows.

I then placed the numbers from my scrap booking around my face like a clock. It was confusing because the numbers looked backwards in the mirror. I made the time five o’clock, because it’s five o’clock some where, right. I put on the pen stripe suit, white gloves, glasses and my sons hat and cane that inspired me. When I got to work people I work with everyday didn’t recognized me at all.

I had so much fun pretending to be a dirty old man. Well I won and feel like the costume is unique enough to share. I hope you like my picture.

I’m already thinking about an idea for next year.