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Coolest Fanta Girls – The Fantanas Costumes

Whenever my friends and I went to the movies, we would always see the Fanta soda commercial before the previews. I thought it would be a unique group costume to be the Fanta Girls – Fantanas, and that people would easily recognize.

We went shopping for clothing that was all one color to correspond with the drink flavors (grape, strawberry, pineapple, and orange.) The grape and orange costumes were actually sewn using a random skirt and top pattern from Joann Fabric’s, but the strawberry and pineapple costumes consisted of store-bought items combined to look similar.

We all wore white boots and accessories to match the original Fanta girls we saw in the commercial.

The most intricate part of the costume was the soda bottles. I don’t know about other states, but Michigan only sells the orange flavor. So, we bought 4 bottles of the orange, dumped out three of the sodas, and filled them with food-colored water according to the flavor.

I also edited the orange label on Photoshop and changed the color and flavor name to make it real looking, and then we laminated the labels and stuck them on the bottles.

Everyone loved our Fanta Girls costumes and knew what we were right away! It’s a pretty easy costume and really fun to put together.

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5 thoughts on “Coolest Fanta Girls – The Fantanas Costumes”

  1. My friends are going to do that. We all go tricker treating together every year and we wanted to go as a group and we saw what you guys did! We thought it was great! We hope ours turns out as good as yours! Thanks!the future Fantana girls!

  2. same! me and my friends are gunna do that because there are 4 of us and this is the idea that I was looking for! thanks!!! I would of never thought of this idea so THANK YOU SO MUCH!! )

  3. me and my friends were thinking of doing this….but there is seven of us….so we decide to check out the flavors, and just go from there. We r thinking the original flavors: orange, grape, pineapple, and strawberry. But we found out there is an apple, a grapefruit, and a peach. so thankyou for giving us the idea, even though ours might be different, it is still unique and i doubt that anyone will think to do this! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :)


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