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Coolest Fandango Puppet Costume

This Fandango Puppet Costume came to me at the last minute, and only took about a day to put together. Use plain lawn bags. If you cannot find any, I used two with writing and glued them together with a glue stick so that each side was blank. I cut facial features, and hot glued them on. I used pip cleaners for earrings, eye lashes – which I curled around a pen, and for dress décor.

I cut and hot glued the dress on, I ironed in the pleats before I glued. I stuffed her bust before I glued. I cut out arm holes and a head hole where I wanted before I decorated, and covered the edges with clear packaging tape so that it would be sturdy and not rip. To make the hair, I took a standard notebook and wrapped the yarn around it about 30-50 times; I slid it off and tied a piece in the middle, cut the two loops, and I had one pom pom of hair. I did this quite a few times until I had enough hair on the top and back of her head.

I also put clothes on the back; make sure you have enough hair so that you don’t look like a paper bag in the back.

Fabric of your choice
Lawn bags
Clear tape
Glue gun
Felt for eyes, mouth and eyelids
Pipe cleaners
Holiday ribbon
Newspaper to stuff her bust
3 skeins of yarn

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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