I wanted to be very scary this year for Halloween. I thought the Exorcist Halloween costume would be an interesting costume to try. I had to experiment with many different types of make-up. I searched the internet for great ways to make cuts and found some great sites.

The best one is to use toilet paper and flesh latex. You first put the latex on your face, then roll up a small amount of toilet paper (snake-like) and place onto face, repeat and place that strip of toilet paper near the other leaving a gap in the middle (for the blood) and having the ends touch. Place these cuts wherever you want or have a picture of the exorcist handy like I did. You will need for your cuts to cure for about 40-45 minutes.

After that, apply translucent face powder to help set the make-up. I then used a greenish face cream to make me look dead. For the cuts I used black and purple cream make up to look like bruising then filled the gaps with blood gel (works great because it is thick and doesn’t run all over your face. I purchased a brown wig and blue nightgown.

I also had bought white-out contact lenses and nicotine stain paint for my teeth. I think it turned out pretty creepy.