Coolest Exorcist Costume

THE EXORCIST – I can spin my head!

This was always my favorite horror movie of all time. And I thought that if I did this Exorcist costume I would need to be able to spin my head so I thought about making a fake head. Then I thought, no, I’d rather have a fake body, that way I could do “Exorcist shtick” from the movie.

So yes, I am fully capable to spin my head completely around in this costume. It is quite the optical illusion. I can also make the bed dance and jump up and down like in the movie. Here is how I did it…

First I built the frame out of PVC pipe. It is a rectangle made to tilt back on poles. The back poles are longer and all of them pop out so the costume can collapse down to fit into my Hyundai Accent. The whole bed leans back and has handles so I can carry it around and dance with it. When the bed is standing still I turn my whole body to make my head appear to spin on a fake body. The frame is completely covered with sheets so you can’t see my real body at all.

The bed is made out of foam core with a painted-on pillow. The sheets are real. The body is from a big teddy bear with the head cut off and dressed in a nightgown with crusty pea soup splattered on it. The arms I made out of Knee High nylons stuffed with stuffing and fingers sewn in.

My head comes through a hole in the bed. My hair is naturally “Linda Blair – ish”. Then I put make up on and colored my teeth with eyeliner. The whole thing is held together with lots of duct tape and staples – always the hallmark of a great homemade costume!

From there it is all “Shtick”!

4 thoughts on “Coolest Exorcist Costume”

  1. I want to do it. I am sure I would be doing “the spin” all night. Hopefully you puked pea soup once in awhile. What a visual.

  2. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do this – but I’m having a problem figuring out how you pitched the foam/PVC.
    Did you use 4 PVC elbows and pipes and then use it as a loose frame for fabric???

  3. Agreed, I am definetly borrowing your idea, but I am confused how you got the foam to stay attached to PVC tubing. And did you have extra tubing for it to lean back?

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