Coolest Evil Tooth Fairy DIY Costume

My daughter decided she wanted to be an evil tooth fairy. Not just the tooth fairy, the EEEEEEVIL tooth fairy. She wasn’t really sure what that might look like, so I took a bit of liberty with the design. In the name of modesty, I opted for pants and top in lavender broadcloth, made from a pattern that was designed for Princess Jasmine, and layered a leotard underneath in case her top slipped up.

I cut out a felt tooth, gave it a grrrr face, and stitched that to the front. I purchased wings and antennae, then glued a felt tooth with a grrr face to the top of each one. Just to make it extra special, I made a white fleece tooth with red felt wings (decorated with strips of purple felt and little teeth on the bottom to cover some of the stitching) and gave it a grrrr expression.

And voila, she went from little girl to the cutest Evil Tooth Fairy DIY Costume ever!