Every year our daughter, now 5, selects a theme for us to follow each Halloween. This year it was Day of the Dead! We began by searching images of face makeup that we liked and I, being the art teacher, combined them in to one-of-a-kind designs. Now, part of the challenge that I look forward to each year is the goal of realism as well as low cost.

We went to our local thrift store, as we do each year, and selected parts to make up the costumes. Now, the original inspiration came from our daughter’s Monster High doll, Skullita. So we were able to buy that costume from a Halloween supplier. Back to the Mom and Dad costumes. I kind of always have a vision when I walk into the thrift store, which can be a problem if I have a stubborn vision but so far, I’ve been pretty lucky. For my husband, I wanted a. All black suit ($10) a black button up shirt (already had this) and black shoes. We borrowed a sombrero from a family friend (free). For myself, I knew I wanted to look similar to La Catrina. She usually is modest in clothing, often with a dress to the floor. I was able to find an amazing red and black striped top and a long,full, black skirt. This all cost $9! I also purchased a bouquet of fake roses, cur them up, and hot glued them to ribbon, which was tied around my head. I also had black tulle hanging out and made a vail.  In addition to making myself a flower headpiece, I made my daughter one as well. Our make up color scheme went with the colors of our costume to tie it all together. i used regular cream makeup and eyeliner for precise lines! What was awesome about these costumes was the enjoyment others got from us walking around together as a family. We had people ask us to pose with their children! This is a tradition we began prior to our daughter and we try and top ourselves each year!