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Coolest Etch a Sketch Costume

My Etch a Sketch costume was inspired by the 80’s games (listen that was when games were fun and educational, lol). I searched for the right size box and used Grey plastic table cloth, and Red Masking Tape, and two paper plates. My family was the 80’s Family Games and we came in 3rd, so it did pretty well. They love when you hand make your costumes. So good luck if you use and hope you enjoyed our pic.

PS The red wig was for effect.

Our Family 80’s Costume was inspired by my 12 yr. old daughter’s love the 80’s era, go figure. She had an 80’s birthday in March and we had put these characters on her cake- so we ran with it for Halloween. It was also great way to keep us together as a family unit. It was fun and easy to make and we all had input into designing them. So it was truly as family affair. Hope you enjoy!!!

Family 80's Games Costumes

Family 80's Games Costumes

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