Coolest Emperor Kuzco Costume Ever

This year for one of my Halloween costumes (you can’t wear the same costume to two parties), I decided to be the main characters from one of my favorite movies ever: Emperor Kuzco from the Emperor’s New Groove. First I bought a large sheet of red fabric, and then cut a long rectangle to make the skirt portion. Then I cut a large square with rounded edges to make the poncho  (make sure your’s is a perfect square, because mine was slightly rectangular and it didn’t line up quite right.)

Next I used a hot glue gun to glue gold ribbon around the edges of the poncho and the bottom of the skirt. Since I can’t sew, I just used safety pins to hold the skirt up. Next, I used a yellow sweatshirt that I found at Goodwill. First I cut out an area on the torso to make his yellow collar and attached it to the poncho when I was wearing it. Then I cut off the sleeves and cut slits into them to make Kuzco’s leg ruffle things, which fit perfectly on my legs.

For the hat, I used a plastic army helmet that I bought at Goodwill, hot glued cardboard on it to make the crest, and then spray painted it gold then drew on ridges with a black sharpie. Since I don’t have my ears pierced, I used a pair of clip on earrings. I cut out two large ovals of cardboard, painted them blue, and then hot glued them to the earrings. I also wore a pair of red shorts and a red t shirt underneath the costume so no skin would show. I made the llama necklace out of cardboard painted gold.

For shoes, I just wore a pair of black flip flops that I already had. Then BOOM BABY! I was Emperor Kuzco. The costume was a huge hit. It took people a while to recognize what I was, but when I did they freaked out. I had some many people ask me why I wasn’t a llama, and others would just quote the movie and tel me how awesome it was, along with my costume. If I could dress up like Kuzco for the rest of my life, I would.