My daughter (along with every other kid in America) is obsessed with Minecraft.  She especially loves the creeper characters, but didn’t want to be the basic green one.  There is a mod in the game that creates elemental creepers that are different colors and have different characteristics.  I made the Friendly Creeper.

First, we had to find two boxes that were the right size.  The creeper head is slightly larger than the body.  Then I got lots of paint samples from Home Depot and Lowes in different shades of pink and white.  I knew there had to be a use for those free samples!  I used spray adhesive to glue on the paint samples, but ended up having to tape over them because the edges were coming up.  The heart was made with red and black paint samples.  I downloaded a picture of the creeper so I could get the proportions of the heart and face right.  It was easy because the game is made up of squares, so you can scale it up or down easily.

I cut out holes for her arms in the body, and holes in the lower  part of the mouth, which is black anyway,so she could see out.  I filled the head with bubble wrap and attached a bike helmet so the head would stay on securely.  She wore a pink turtleneck and leggings under it all.  Lastly, I found a small box and created a treat bag using the same paint chips.

Most of the adults had no idea what the costume was, although they thought it was cute, but ALL the kids immediately knew what it was.  We heard “Oh, look, it’s a Creeper!” over and over.  One kid said “don’t blow me up!”  It turned out really well and was the cheapest costume I have ever made for her, as we already had the boxes and adhesive, and all the paint chip samples were free.