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Coolest Electric Chair Homemade Costume

Coolest Electric Chair Costume was made from recycled materials, except for $3 purchase for grey and black eyeshadow for the face effects. The chair is from a fridge box panel we painted and cut out like a pop-up card, it’s just one piece. The prison suit is a used tyvek jumpsuit from a mechanic friend with sharpie prison stripes. We used leftover copper tubing and electrical wires from a renovation job, my favorite kitchen strainer (since retired) for the electrical cap, and a leather belt and faux leather fabric for the restraints.

Stuffed the body and socks with plastic bags. Other than having to hold his arms up for a long time, my son was able to easily walk in this Electric Chair Costume, and when he walked around he just put his arms down until he got to a door to trick or treat.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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