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Original Homemade Edward Scissorhands Costume

For this Coolest Edward Scissorhands Costume I got fake leather material from the fabric store along with a shirt pattern and a leggings pattern and sewed a plain pleather shirt and pants. I attached the shiny collar and sleeves from a rain jacket I got from the thrift store, I just cut them off and attached them to the homemade shirt.

I also got belts from the thrift store and sewed them to the shirt and pants. Some of the belts I made myself with the fake leather, metal studs from the craft store, and metal rings from the hardware store. For the hands I got leather gloves and made the blades from foam board – I cut to look like scissor blades and handles and painted with craft paint.

For the hair – my daughter has long hair so we had to wind it up and leave the ends out to tease and hide the rest of her hair and sprayed black. Then we just did her makeup to look like Edward Scissorhands, and used liquid latex to make scars.

Coolest Edward Scissorhands Costume

Coolest Edward Scissorhands Costume

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