I became obsessed with The Wizard of Oz movie for a while, so when the time came, I planted the seed into my little daughter’s head about being Dorothy for Halloween. She loved the idea. I am not an expert seamstress, but ran to the store and bought the pattern. I wanted the Dorothy child costume to be as close as possible to the real character, so I was very meticulous about finding all the other accessories (buttons, ribbon, socks, shoes). Most store bought, or mass produced Dorothy costumes look very cheesy to me, and what is up with the white socks? Dorothy wore blue socks. HA HA, do you see some OCD treats here? Not really, I just wanted the costume to look great.

I got help from a friend to understand how to do the collar (that was hard!), and I didn’t cut any corners or improvised once I decided to follow the pattern. I am very happy I did it. I think I spent a good month on it, so if you are not an expert seamstress, give yourself some time, so you can make mistakes and learn from them. The only thing I didn’t do was get a red hair wig for my daughter, but I knew she wouldn’t like wearing it, so I proceeded to braid her hair like Dorothy. And she loved carrying around Toto, the little puppy. Another plus of making it, is that the costume is still around and my other daughter has been able to play with it and wear it many times. Built to last!