This DIY Wonder Woman Halloween Costume is my very first time attempting to make my own Halloween Costume. Funds were really low this year and I had to improvise. With a little bit of fabric, my idea came true. I’ve used a little red and blue spandex, red pleather, red and blue cotton, and iron-on stars. The gold material was cut from an old purse I had that I had not worn for over a year.

I won the costume contest that I had attended October 30, 2010 and I am so happy! I actually made the boot covers myself. I used a sewing machine to form the boots, to make the bottom and top. I also used a glue gun for the accessories. I pretty much free styled the entire costume with only a visual from online. I did not use a pattern or anything. I am proud of myself and I believe I have done a fairly good job. Hope you guys like it.