Coolest DIY Spongebob Halloween Costume Idea

When I saw that toddler SpongeBob costumes were $40 online, I decided to put those four years of high school art classes to work and put together a DIY Spongebob Halloween Costume Idea. I bought a few colors of acrylic paint that I didn’t already have and an exacto knife, and went to work on leftover diaper boxes.

I printed out a picture of Spongebob from the internet, then used plastic food storage containers to trace circles for the eyes, and spice containers for the irises and pupils. Everything else, I drew by sight. I used a pencil for sketching, then outlined the pencil with black permanent marker. I had to paint several layers of color to fully cover the brown of the cardboard. Once I finished painting, I re-traced the lines with permanent marker. I created the back and the sides in the same manner.

Then I used a hot glue gun to hold it all together. I cut the edge of a bath towel and hot glued it around the neck so it wouldn’t chafe, and then rolled up towel and hot glued it to either side underneath the shoulders for padding.

Homemade DIY Spongebob Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade DIY Spongebob Halloween Costume Idea

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