Coolest DIY Smurf Couple Halloween Costume

We used blue body paint to paint our body and face. It took a few hours to paint our bodies. For the hat, we used white felt fabric and traced a template and sewed it. It could take a few tries with the template to get the shape just right.

For Smurfette’s hair, we used a Lady Gaga two tone blonde/yellow wig. We colored the blonde part of the wig with a yellow sharpie to get the whole wig yellow. For Smurfette’s flower, it was a 75 cent flower strand bought at Michaels. We bought a white dress for the Smurfette costume and bought white jeans for hefty smurf. For Hefty Smurf’s dumbbells, we bought to Styrofoam balls and a wooden rod and spray painted it black. On the weight, we used white out to write “100” on it. For the red heart on Hefty Smurf, we used red nail polish.