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Coolest DIY Plastic Toy Soldiers Group Costume

This was my family’s Halloween costume for our annual party. My husband and I are both Air Force military vets so we saw this fitting. For months our family of 5 searched second hand stores, yard sales and flea markets to find old fatigues, belts and military what nots.

Then came the paint… We painted, and painted and painted. Coats of paint. We used nylon stockings for our faces. We spray painted gloves, toy guns and hats. The bases we made from cardboard.

This wasn’t exactly a comfortable costume. They were very stiff from the paint and getting into them took a few people per soldier and they did not breathe to say the least. We felt like celebrities when we walked out and posed at out party. Everyone was in awe and taking pictures.

This plastic toy soldiers group costume was worth the work and was great family time as well.

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