This year my fiance and I decided to go all out for Halloween since our wedding is next weekend. All of our friends decided that a Jim Henson theme would be awesome. I have always loved cookie monster and Oscar seemed like the next obvious choice.

To make my costume I bought blue furry fleece and I used a hoodie to made a pattern. I made mine longer so it would fit like a dress. His eyes are Styrofoam balls covered in felt, and I made some furry boot covers for my shoes. I made cookies out of felt and covered my purse with them and pinned some on my costume.

For my fiance’s costume I used the same furry material in green and used the same pattern from Cookie’s costume. His eyes are felt and I found some brown fun fur yarn to make his eyebrows. His garbage can is silver material I found at the fabric store and I used long zip ties to make the round trash appearance. I put his friend slimey (pipe cleaners) on the trash can with him.

We had a blast with our DIY Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster Halloween Costumes and didn’t stop taking pictures all night.