Coolest DIY Doctor Octopus Costume

I saw a similar costume years ago. I wanted to be evil this year and there is no better than Dr Octopus. I went to a Halloween Party and there was a line to have pictures taken with me, this went on all night long . It was a great night. All night I was told it was the best they have seen. No one asked who I was, they all knew right away.

Items I use to make this costume:

  • Old trench coat
  • Drainage pipe for the arms
  • PVC pipe inside the drainage pipe to keep the shape
  • Sliver spray paint
  • 2inch foam for the claws
  • Some wood and a metal plate to attach the PVC to a hiking backpack.
  • welding goggles.
  • LED lamps in center of claws
  • Old spiderman costume stuffed

Coolest DIY Doctor Octopus Costume

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

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