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Coolest DIY Cardinal Bird Kids Halloween Costume

My son loves the book ‘My Mother is so Smart’ by Tomie dePaola. In the book the boy says, “My mother is so smart she turned me into a bird for Halloween.” When we asked Henry what he wanted to be for Halloween he said he wanted me to turn him into a bird for Halloween, just like the boy in the book. He said he wanted to be a red bird though. And so began the DIY Cardinal bird kids Halloween costume.

We started by looking for a bird head. We found the foam cardinal head at a rummage sale for a decent price and went from there. I took an XL fleece and sewed a crotch and leg holes into it and then put elastic around the leg holes. Next I added the black fleece for the bird tummy.

I sewed wing shapes of fleece to the sleeves and sides of the fleece and then began sewing the feathers on one at a time. I did a row of feathers and then a row of boa (which I purchased at the dollar store). We bought black tights for the legs and I made black shoe covers for his feet. He was very excited to be a red bird and loved flapping his wings from house to house for treats :)

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  1. My son wants to be a Cardinal for Halloween. The mascot for our local high school is The Cardinals and he thinks the mascot costume is cool. I would love more directions on how you made this costume (or I would be interested in buying your costume if you no longer use it)


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