When trying to decide what my college friends and I should be for Halloween, we went through a lot of different ideas. We needed something warm, (it gets cold up here in Ohio on Halloween), cheap and fast.  Superheros? Too cliche. Crayons? Been there, done that. 90’s Cartoon Characters? Over done. We couldn’t think of anything fun and cute that was a little different but still affordable.

So one night while watching Despicable Me in the living room a light bulb went off! MINIONS!! I vaguely remembered seeing a Minion shirt at Walmart a few weeks ago, so we ran over to see if they had any more, we lucked out and got the last four! Some hard hats, goggles, gloves and bright yellow tights later we were set and were a huge hit on Halloween. We even traveled in a pack making their funny noises all night long too!