For the Midnight Premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, I really wanted to dress up like a character from the movies. I looked up ideas on the internet and eventually came to the decision to be a Death Eater.

To make the mask, I got my mother to paper-mache my face. After it was finished drying, I looked up Death Eater Mask designs and eventually decided on Lucius Malfoy’s mask. I painted the mask and moved on to the robe while I waited for it to dry. My mother made me a black robe with a hood and hanging sleeves. We made sure that the hood completely covered my hair.

When the mask was dry, we glued two pieces of fabric to the side of the mask and tied them together behind my head. I wore a black shirt and black pants underneath the robe and also put on a pair of black gloves. For the wand, I took a small drum stick I had from when I was younger and attached a recorder end to the bottom of the drum stick as a handle.

As a finishing touch, we drew a dark mark on my left forearm using a template we got off of the internet.

I got several compliments on my costume and at the premiere I had a duel with a family dressed up as the Weasleys.