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Coolest Dead Bride And Groom Costume

This Homemade Dead Bride And Groom Costume was a fun costume to wear! First, I found an old southern wedding dress at a vintage clothing store. Then I spray painted the bottom edges of the dress with black spray paint and also used watered down brown paint on the edges to add to the affect. I used my fingers to disperse the paint randomly on the dress (do this outside because it can get messy=) Then for my husband’s suit, I bought little cheap bottles of craft paint (about $1 per color) in a few different shades of gray and again used my fingers to disperse the paint to add to the “dusty” affect on his suit. The fun part about this costume making is that it doesn’t have to be perfect! All I kept thinking about while I was making these costumes is how FUN it would have been to design costumes on the THRILLER video set!!!

The make-up was the hard part. I watched a tutorial on YouTube to get it right. KANDEE JONHSON dose tons of costume make-up tutorials and is AWESOME! Look her up on YouTube! I used her tips from her Edwards Scissorhands tutorial. For my hair I just make it messy. For my husband’s hair I used regular black Halloween hair paint which covers well (he is really a Blonde). The key is to cover the edges along the face and neck well so you don’t get any black paint where it shouldn’t be. Then I used white hair paint and sprayed it lightly over the black to add to the dusty affect. For my bouquet all I did was buy some fake roses from the dollar, bundle then and spray paint them black.

Thanks for looking!

Homemade Dead Bride And Groom Costume

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