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Coolest Cupcake DIY Halloween Costume

I do not want to enter the contest. I just wanted to show my cupcake DIY Halloween costume fashioned from ideas on this website. Everybody loved my cupcake costume, and the best part it was super easy and fast. Believe me I have minimal sewing skills, but I am able to sew a semi straight line with my grandmothers old sewing machine.

Seriously, all I did was buy colored tulle about 6 yards and then I cut the tulle to fit around my body; you need 3 pieces one for each frosting layer. Then I folded the piece in half long ways and then in half again (I found that it added more color to the frosting). Then I sewed the sides together to form a long tube.

Next, I stuffed the tubes with poly-fill, but make sure u add less to the top section and then more to the middle layer and even more to the bottom layer; that is what makes the layers appear to get bigger. Finally for the skirt I just cut a yard of foil like fabric to the appropriate length, and sewed the sides together. Then I folded the top of the skirt over two inches and cut two slits an inch apart every 6 inches apart and strung ribbon through like a belt to cinch the waist.

Lastly, I hot glued pom-poms all over it, and made the cherry headband by hot-gluing a painted Styrofoam ball to the head band and of course adding the stem made of pipe cleaners. All in all, the cupcake DIY Halloween costume took me an hour to make.

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