Coolest Cupcake and Baker Costume

My boyfriend and I love tasty sweets! He asked me to be his girlfriend using edible letters on cupcakes, so this Homemade Cupcake and Baker Costume was a MUST.

For the base (the cupcake liner), I safety-pinned an old cylinder laundry hamper until it was about a foot tall. I folded 3 poster boards accordion style, painted them metallic brown, and sewed them onto the hamper’s rim. Sewing the poster board was the only way I could keep the liner flexible, while keeping its accordion shape in tact. For the frosting, I sewed 3 yards of glittery pink tulle into a long tube, and filled it with polyester. Colored cotton balls made the perfect rainbow sprinkles, and I used tacky glue to attach them. I tied pink ribbon to harness the costume over my shoulders like suspenders.

For the baker, my boyfriend used one of his grandma’s cooking aprons, and picked up a chef hat and mustache at a Halloween store.


Homemade Cupcake and Baker Costume

Homemade Cupcake and Baker Costume

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